Thou wilt shew me the path of life:
in thy presence is fulness of joy;
at thy right hand there are pleasures
for evermore. Psalms 16:11


Wednesday, June 7, 2023

What if your grandparents looked at your photos on Instagram to enjoy them?

But didn't realize that they could click on each one, and so they only looked at the grid of photos?

That would be so sad!

Because when your grandparents are just looking at the grid of photos, they are not really seeing the photos at all.

Because, of course, the real Instagram photos are 9 times bigger than what your grandparents can see only in the grid.

And this also breaks my heart because no one in the world, including me, has ever been able to see even one of my real photos  at full quality all at once.

Because my real photos, when processed to their fullest extent, are 135 megapixels up to 540 megapixels and sometimes even as high as four times more than that.

And that quality is real megapixels, not fake megapixels like those gimmick phones.

That is 72" wide of perfectly sharp detail down to the razor level where you can count every hair on every head of a family portrait of 14 people like my 12 siblings and our 2 wonderful parents.

That is the highest level of full-frame photo quality in the world.

Full-frame is the key word here, because it means it's not a gimmick like the pretend megapixels of those phones you hear deceitful ads for.

But no one in the world, including me, has ever truly been able to see my real photos with this quality.

Because computer screens don't show it.

They can't.

No computer screen has ever been produced for sale that can show this entire level of quality at once on the screen.

It would be the equivalent of almost 17 huge 4K ultra-high definition 95" TV screens all added together.

That is at least 60 times more quality than looking at a full-quality Instagram photo.

So if looking at the Instagram grid is not even seeing a photo really because it's nine times less, then even far more true than that, just seeing one of my photos on Instagram at 'full quality' isn't really seeing it at all, because my photos are 60 times more quality that what is called 'full quality' on Instagram.

I also can't even print out one of my photos.

Because commercial premium printing like Walgreen's is only available to 100 megapixels or less.

The only thing I can do now is to zoom in on little bits and pieces of my photos at a time to see the details, or to zoom out and print them at a much smaller size than their real quality is.

Some people wonder and even make fun of me and ask me why I bother to do my very best job taking pictures with a quality that can't even be seen yet.

I still take pictures with this quality because I am only an artist.

Being only an artist means that money and profit don't motivate me, only making the ultimate art for you and for God's ultimate glory.

I hope and I believe in you and in the future and in God.

And I can't wait for someday in the future for you and I to finally be able to see for real the pictures that I take for you.

  Joseph Myers

Love God

Proverbs 3:5John 14:1John 3:16

God, please help us to have faith no matter how small, and trust in you in our hearts. Help us believe in Jesus who died and paid for our sins so we can be forgiven if we ask you to forgive our sins in the name of Jesus. And thus enter our hearts and help us to grow in love for you.